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Monday, August 8, 2011

In the studio working on new series, Pegasus horses, with my 'hummel with attitude' Thunderfeet children, Alice's white rabbit, and that darn raven with of course my beloved books...been thinking  about that rabbit  and his watch...since he's always concerned about being late, is he a symbol of the temporal concerns that we try to integrate into our spiritual soul life? Here he is fighting to stay balanced while the thunderfoot child has no balance worries whatsoever...ahh to be as a little child...not childish but rather childlike...what's the difference?   I think  childlike is about humility/simplicity/littleness  and childish would be the total ignoring of any social grace and  reliance on emotion over intellect and spirit...Watcha thinka?

I added this pic so you could see that darn raven off to the left...he's got a riddler in his for thought?

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