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Thursday, November 29, 2012

 How to Make a Vase from Two Tiles

First:  Make Two Tiles ...the same size...these are about 22 inches square.  As you can see I made them in quite high relief...but you don't have to

Next move the flat tiles to something that will bend them...I made this bender board by bending a  a very thin board between to 1x3's

Let them get leather hard..
 Now attach them upright to a bottom slab...this is the same process just on another set of taller slabs... of course smooth and hollow the backside....
for the sides extrude a large coil the same length as the
 tiles and position half way between inside and outside of the tiles... add a slab for the top and create the can throw the necks or hand build

An here it is just about finished...easy peasy...NOT

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